About Us

The Secret Service Elves were created by Anna Andrews. The Secret Service Elves story was co-written by Anna Andrews and Elva Holden, and illustrated by Lori Wenger.



Anna has a passion for creativity and has worked in product development for over 20 years. She had a vision for for a product line that would Inspire, Uplift, and Bless the lives of many. She is very excited to watch these little Elves spread love and kindness around the globe. Another one of her favorite projects was Snoggin’ Mistletoe, where she created the vision for and was a co-writer for Snoggin Under the Mistletoe. She also loves time with her children and grandchildren, and hiking where she receives inspiration for her projects.




Lori Wenger is an Arkansas native who works as a photo stylist and illustrator. She has loved every detail of bringing these little elves to life! In her free time she enjoys relaxing with her family and friends and trying out fun, crafty projects with her kids. Find her on Instagram at lori_wenger.



Elva Holden




Elva was an Early Childhood Elementary Education Educator for over 25 years. She was the Owner, Director of Aspen Academy a private preschool and kindergarten school. She was the Author and Creator of the Big Box A-Z Dramatic Play Center for Young Children. Elva is a resident of East Texas, she loves being a Mother and Grandmother, she also enjoys a hobby of writing lyrics and tunes for songs and was a co-writer of Snoggin’ Under the Mistletoe.


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