Meet the Secret Service Elves!

Meet Pete, Ava Lou, Greyson, Eli & Eleanor!

The Secret Service Elves

We’re hiding inside these ornaments, until…

Secret Service Elves inside ornaments!

Let’s go perform kind, secret acts for others! We’ll spread some love around in this world, spend time as a family and it makes us happy, too! We should do this every year and start a new family tradition.

Secret Service Elves Dolls & Kits

The Secret Service Elf Dolls
Secret Service Elf Dolls
Secret Service Elf Greyson Kit
Secret Service Elf Kit



There’s a secret elf inside this ornament! This kit contains an elf doll, a Secret Service Elves story book that tells a delightful tale of spreading love by performing kind acts for others, and a Secret Service Elves A Family Tradition journal to document your family’s acts of service.

Dolls & kits both arrives in a gift box ready to spread love through acts of service!